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At BriskNET our process begins with people and ends with long term solutions. So where does technology come in? Well, unlike your average IT guy we don’t simply sell you a bunch of IT services without finding out if they are what your business really needs. Our people sit down with your people to find out just what it is that makes your business tick, and what problems you are facing. It is only then that we can define your challenges and design an IT strategy to help you overcome them.

We think it’s a better way of approaching business issues and we’re happy to say that our loyal clients believe so too.

The BriskNET difference is clear

We take a no-nonsense approach to making your business better!


Better understanding

We take the time to sit down with you and listen to your challenges, your goals and your expectations - and then design an IT strategy that works for your unique business.


Better solutions

Our technicians are certified and work hard to stay current with technology’s latest trends, concepts and products. We never suggest a solution unless we are sure you really need it.


Better communication

We promise never to baffle you with geek speak. Our technical experts are approachable and will always explain in clear English what the problem is, and how we intend to fix it.


Better budgeting

We offer our Managed Services for one flat monthly fee and provide other solutions as add-ons - meaning you only pay for what you need and are in a far better position to budget with more precision.