Cloud Security

Protect your most critical asset - your data

While Cloud Computing solutions are taking the business world by storm, offering greater flexibility, mobility and cost savings, using this technology without a comprehensive security plan in place also poses a real threat to your business.

Cloud computing solutions allow you to integrate and sync all your technology together, including your documents, files, pictures, music and more. But what would happen to all that data if your laptop or mobile device were lost or stolen?

Cloud Security from BriskNET is the answer:

  • Safeguard your business from data theft - with firewalls that protect your most critical business information
  • Protect against accidents - we can remotely wipe your devices clean should they be lost or stolen
  • Get proactive about backup - ensure your files are always accessible, even in the event of a disaster
  • Rely on offsite data protection - your files are in the cloud, so even if your office were to burn down, no data would be lost