Please use strong passwords and multifactor authentication MFA 2FA everywhere

PLEEEEAAASSSEEEE - Take control of your passwords and multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA)

You are probably thinking, passwords, multifactor authentication: "Where do I start?" or "I don't have the time." Or “Eh, it is only XYZ account, who cares?" or "I only have a few accounts, no biggie.”

I am not going to lie; you have way more accounts than you think. First, it is a heck of a project to find all your online accounts. They are saved to various personal and work devices, various personal and work browsers, and various password credential managers. Do you remember that Sirius account you setup when you bought your new car, or that account for your magazine subscription, or Zillow, or your health records, or you get the idea account? Now ask your significant what accounts they have. And now look at which of those accounts have been exposed in a data breach in the last few years. Scary stuff.

Check your email addresses here:

Maybe a password was reused because you remember it and it was easier because you were in a hurry. Maybe I am wrong, but maybe I am not. As you can see, one password has the potential to a lot of damage when exposed.

The real world example.

Undertaking the project of entering all for our personal accounts into a Password Management system. Do so allows the ability to silo each of our accounts with a unique password. This way, when an account gets hacked, the bad actors only have access to one account, not many.  I also took the time and enabled 2FA/MFA on any account I could, the Password Management system included. No getting into Gmail, the bank, or online cloud storage without a code. Yes, it is an extra step, but I would hate to see the fallout for one of these accounts to be compromised.

It turns out we personally had 300+ accounts to consolidate to one platform. There were passwords in Google Password (via Chrome), passwords in iCloud, and an outdated password manager. Our digital life has now been put into a digital vault that I can securely access from any of my devices (Password Management system). I have completed the training and now everyone is happily using strong passwords and has no issue accessing them and is happy to make any updates as they happen. It is a real password nirvana we are feeling. And if I am hit by a bus, my family will not have to struggle with figuring out what accounts there are and how to access them.

BriskNET is helping businesses and individuals get a handle on their passwords and taking charge of their digital world. The onslaught of hackers and criminals trying to gain access to any account they can and will not slow down but only accelerate as our digital world continues to expand.

You need to think of security as a journey and not a destination. Unique passwords and multifactor authentication are part of the journey. If you would like to continue this conversation, please give us a call.

BriskNET Support Team